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Arizona Testimonials: Solar Hot Water Heating Systems & Heaters

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The following testimonials are from people who are already reaping the benefits of Arizona's solar hot water. Arizona Solar Wave has the best solar water heaters designed specifically for Arizona - RADCO and AET solar hot water heating systems. It's never been easier or cheaper to go solar in Arizona!

Solar Hot Water Arizona

Converting to solar hot water in Arizona:

Bryan, Chris & Darwin are great guys! In this time of builders and contractors having little or no morals, here are these good guys.

On time, on budget and over-delivering...those words describe this team. From the evaluation to the installation, it was a pleasure to work with them.

Bryan described the process and particulars of the installation clearly and succinctly.

Chris and his crew showed up on time--to the minute--worked quickly and without disturbance to our family.

When they were done with the installation, they explained the required maintenance (drain tank once, yearly)and left my garage clean! (When was the last time a contractor did that?)

Start to finish, Arizona Solar Wave did a top job!

Wait---one more thing: they did all of this for thousands of dollars less than their competitors!

We have recently converted our electric hot water heating system to a solar system and could not be more pleased. We are both strong supporters of "going green" movement across our country and were very excited to learn there was something we could do to support and promote this movement. After learning more about solar energy and some of the benefits of going solar, we decided to convert to solar.

Through a referral source, we contacted Bryan McCormick and Chris Owens and contracted with their company, Arizona Solar Wave to do the conversion for us. Immediately, upon the conversion, we were completely satisfied with every aspect of their company and continue to be satisfied to this day. Mr. McCormick handled all of the paperwork relating to the rebates from SRP and also the tax credit documentation. His installers left our home spotless, the solar panel on the roof is very inconspicuous and if noticed, is actually very attractive. We have completely turned off any electricity to the water heater and we have more and hotter water than ever before.

We also purchased the water circulating system which results in IMMEDIATE hot water to areas of our house which are farthest away from the hot water heater and which we feel results in saving gallons of water each month. The circulating system that Bryan and Chris offer contains retro fittings that can be used in either older homes or newer homes.

Our testimonial is that we are thrilled and completely satisfied with every aspect of the product installation of the solar hot water system that Arizona Solar Wave has to offer. We highly encourage and recommend this product to anyone we know.

Thank you,

Terry and Monica Malott
Mesa, Arizona 85213

Solar Water Heater Arizona

Solar water heater installation in Arizona:

Arizona Solar Wave
8422 E Viewcrest Circle
Mesa, AZ 85207

To Whom It May Concern:

It was a pleasure to work with Steve Carlson from Arizona Solar Wave as he presented and thoroughly explained the program for our new Solar Hot Water System. My wife and I both found Steve's presentation informational as he explained the installation process and the tax incentives provided. He was not high pressured in his presentation but very excited about the savings offered with solar hot water. His visit and handling of the paperwork gave us confidence in selecting Arizona Solar Wave.

The installation crew was very professional and explained every step of the process as it was installed. The final product looks professional and well organized in the space we had available. The friendliness of the isntallation team was also welcome, clean up was complete and the provider assured us if we had any questions or concerns to contact them immediately.

We are both pleased with the new hot water system and already enjoy the thought of all the savings we will gain over the years. Our experience with Arizona Solar Wave was wonderful.

Gary Loutzenheiser

Solar Arizona

Going solar in Arizona:

Chris Owens
Arizona Solar Wave
c/o Steve Carlson

Dear Chris & Steve,

Just wanted to let you both know how pleased we are with our Radco Solar Water Heating system! Love that hot water at no electricity cost! Thank you so much for the professional job done on the installation. Everyone on your installation team was so courteous and professional. It was a pleasure have them around. they cleaned up after so well - not any sign of debris - and the pipes + water heater look great - pipes wrapped in insulation - just a beautiful job!

Chris, thank you for being on-site during the installation. As the owner, I didn't expect it, but sincerely appreciate that you dedicated your time to ensure the job was done well.

Thanks so much! Everything is working like a charm. Chris even followed up later that evening to make sure all was well! You guys are great! Now wonder the BBB gives you high marks!

Sincerely, Steve & Linda Yerik

RADCO Arizona

Performance of RADCO solar water heater in Arizona:

Arizona Solar Wave
8422 E. Viewcrest Circle
Mesa, AZ 85207
Attn: Bryan McCormick

Dear Bryan,

When our home was built 24 years ago we had the option to have a solar hot water system installed. At that time, there were also tax incentives and we also wanted to be "green" (long before the term became popular!), so we had the solar system installed. The system used two ground mounted Radco solar panels and a 120 gallon hot water tank. The system also had an electrical backup for cold or cloudy days. We have been extremely pleased with the system ove rthe years not only for saving us money but providing the hottest water ever and knowing we were putting the hot Arizona sun to use!

After all these years, our hot water tank started to deteriorate and we knew it was time to replace the system. Imagine our good fortune when I contacted you! Your presentation was organized and informative and we liked that you are also a registered contractor who took care of all the rebate paperwork form start to finish. We were solf when we learned tha you also installed the Radco panels since we were familiar with them and enjoyed so many years of service.

The day of installation went smoothly and the finished product looks good and works great! I have to admit, I was skeptical that this system wouldn't be as good as our old one, but I think our water is even hotter than before! We are very happy with our new system!

It has been a pleasure working with you and we will definitely recommend your company!


Patricia Bonk

Arizona Solar Wave has you covered!

Solar Water Heating System: we got you covered in Arizona!

To Arizona Solar Wave Management Team,

I wanted the management team at Arizona Solar Wave to know that the customer service that I received from your Solar Company was exceptional. At the start of the process I was met by a very knowledgeable and friendly representative from your company. He agreed to meet me at a place and time of my choosing which made me very willing to hear what he had to say. When I met with him he was very professional and he made it clear that heas there to help me understand what type of services that your company was offering and that I should be afraid to ask any and all questions freely. I felt very comforted right from the start.

He proceeded to show me a series of easy to read charts & graphs that helped me (a non-technical person by any means) understand in simple terms what the solar water heater installation process would entail. I'm sure that I asked some questions that didn't make any sense, but he truly made me feel at ease during the entire process inspite of that. We also reviewed the payment crediting process very thoroughly. I have to admit that I was amazed at how much money was going to be coming back to me. In the end I new this solar water heater set up was going to be putting money in my pocket in no time!!!

On the day of installation the workers showed up on the exact agreed upon time prepared and ready to get started right away. During the time that they were there they were respectful of my home and very considerate of my family and neighbors. As the day went on I was updated regularly on the progress of the job which made me feel extremely comfortable that the job was being done professionally and that it was going to be completed on time as they promised. When the job was over, everything was placed back in its original location and it was neatly cleaned up. You would never know they were there except for the addition of the beautiful new water heater (that was going to be making money soon) and a set of very discreetly placed solar panels. My whole experience was nothing less than a pleasure and I wanted you to know that I will be referring many clients in your direction in the future. Thank you for a professional job from beginning to end!


Art Guerrero

(An Extremely Satisfied Customer) :)

Flawless solar water heater installation in Arizona

Another flawless installation of a solar water heater:

To whom it may concern,

Arizona Solar Wave recently installed a solar hot water heater in our home, at the same time we elected to also have them install a hot water recirculating system in order to eliminate the water wasted while waiting for hot water to arrive at the desired faucet.

Everything works perfectly and the complete system was installed in about 6 hours.

Upon completion the entire work areas was left immaculate and the only evidence left by the workmen was a completely installed solar water heating system.

Within 2 hours of completion the electrical backup was disengaged and the only thing heating our water now is the sun.

I cannot say enough about the high quality installation and perfectly working solar water heating system this company installed in our home.


Clay and Darlyne Withrow

Looking good in Arizona

Solar water heater aesthetics: looking good in Arizona!

Arizona Solar Wave
8422 E. Viewcrest Circle
Mesa, AZ 85207

Mr. McCormick

I would like to take a moment and thank you and your employees for the wonderful job you did on the installation of my new solar water heater. I was very pleased with our discussions prior to starting and project of making sure the location of the pipes and solar panels that would provide the best in hot water production and also the fact the panels are almost impossible to notice from most of my yard. when I came home from work and reviewed water heater installation and I must say I was very impressed with the workmanship.

I have been able to turn off the backup heater which has given me the opportunity to test out how well the unit works on its own. Since having my new system, I have never been without hot water and in fact...my wife and I both notice that the water was hotter than our old conventional system.

All in all, we are very pleased with the system and will recommend your product to our neighbors, friends and family members.

It is great to "GO GREEN"

Randy Jadlot
Mesa, AZ 85203

Helping you with taxes & rebates

Helping you with taxes, rebates and HOA requirements:

Bryan McCormick
Arizona Solar Wave
8422 E. Viewcrest Circle
Mesa, Arizona 85207

Dear Bryan McCormick:

Subject: Letter of Recommendation

I want to write this letter in order to show my gratitude and amazement with the knowledge Bryan McCormick has of his product, his friendly and nonthreatening demeanor, wonderful installation, and his crews timeliness and efficiency.

When my wife and I first met with Bryan to talk about the Water Solar Heater we had a lot of questions about the conversion to go solar. Bryan talked to us in an easy and friendly manner that gave us the confidence we needed and a good understanding of what the Solar Water Heater was. We really appreciated that he was not a pushy salesman; he was just sharing the information with us.

After we agreed to purchase the system Bryan took care of all the paper work with SRP for the tax rebates, and even called our HOA to get approval. On top of this he made sure that we were happy with the installation and did everything he needed to make sure we were satisfied customers.

Bryan's promptness was a nice addition to this company's work ethics. He was always 10 minutes early. This was much appreciated due to our tight schedules. Our installation only took half a day and we had hot water by five pm.

Now that it is installed the Solar Water Heater looks clean and is using the electricity of a hundred watt light bulb. Recently we had a couple cloudy days in August and I was worried, but I have never run out of hot, hot water!

I am completley satisfied and hope other people get the opportunity to take advantage of the massive amounts of sun Arizona has to offer, not to mention the huge rebate incentives that make a Solar Water Heater so affordable right now.

Thank you,

Aaron Crabtree

Solar Water Heater Performance in Arizona

Solar water heater performance under heavy load in Arizona's climate:

My wife and I purchased a solar hot water heating system and had it installed in Sept. of 2009.

We have a family of seven and we had been looking for ways to cut some of our utility expenses.

I started doing research on the Internet and reading about solar hot water heating systems. After researching all the companies in the Phoenix/Arizona market. we decided to go with Arizona Solar Wave. We started talking to Steve Carlson via E-mail and phone. Steve was a pleasure to communicate with, answered all our questions, very prompt on response. Steve met with us and explained all the benefits of going solar and all the programs and rebates out there. My wife Alice and I run a busy household, we run about seven showers daily and wash on average fifteen to twenty loads of laundry a week.

If a solar hot water system is going to benefit any family it is ours.

Arizona Solar arrived Sat morning for the install and was very friendly and extremely fast and professional. They turned our system on that afternoon and by sundown we could already see the system was working well. The amount of hot water being generated for our family has been plentiful.

With the Utility rebates and tax incentives being offered today you can get in to a system for little out of pocket.

We highly recommend Arizona Solar Wave

Russell and Alice Petersen

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