Why Arizona Solar Wave for Your Home?

Arizona Solar Wave is a local company with a big-business mentality. Our 17 years of experience in the construction industry separates us from the rest. We understand the construction and mechanics of buildings that house photovoltaic (PV) power systems.
All our system designs, engineering, building permit acquisition, financing, rebate processing and utility interconnect services are done for you. This makes the process more efficient and saves you money! You’ll find that we are detailed and clear in all our bids and contracts. We believe that the simpler we can make everything, the more comfortable you’ll be with our services.


Going Solar For Your Business Has Never Been Easier

With rising grid electricity prices and declining solar technology costs, business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to ignore the economic benefits of commercial solar power. Transitioning to solar can save money on energy today and hedge against rising utility rates tomorrow. However, before moving forward with solar, it is important to determine the total energy production and cost savings over the lifetime of your solar installation.

Make The Switch. It’s Simple.


Keep Your Money Away From the Utility Company

With the cost of electricity continuing to rise, it’s even more important to own your energy production. By understanding that solar is a sound investment, you can avoid exorbitant increases in your energy bill for years to come.

Be Part of the Sustainable Energy Solution

Solar technology uses the second most abundant element on earth to harness the limitless energy of the sun. By utilizing solar energy, you’re significantly reducing your CO2 emissions and thereby contributing to a healthier environment.

Arizona Sunshine is Dependable and Reliable

Solar systems are an extremely reliable source of power, especially when using Arizona Solar Wave. By using Arizona Solar Wave, your system comes with a 25-year production warranty, so there’s nothing to worry about during the lifetime of your system.

Financial Incentives

Solar power has so many benefits that both Federal and State Governments offer many tax credits, rebates and other incentives.

Increased Home Value

Research has shown that the average home has an increase in value when the solar is owned as opposed to leased by the homeowner.